Nicole has a very structured approach that allows for new perspectives and connection in the mind to emerge, so there is more clarity on your life as a whole. We were diving deep into my personal value system and it really shifted my perspective on some of the decisions I make in my life (for better). 5 stars!

Ele A.

I have never felt as relaxed, open and calm as with [Nicole]. It is not easy to get comfortable with a completely new person right away, but [her] tone of voice, friendliness, how [she] asks questions, and how [she] listens made me immediately feel that I can and should trust [her]! Thank you!

Rugile L.

Nicole is a true professional in her field and her work quality is great. Everything she does and how she shows up evokes trust.

Indre J.

Working with Nicole as part of her [group coaching program] was the best investment in myself this year. It gave me so many tools to use in my daily life.

Ieva M.

Our session was enlightening, especially once we started talking about concrete examples of what I should do to change my way of thinking. I am open to trying new things, and your suggestions and homework have made me excited and hopeful for the future. I also left the session feeling I was in charge of my well-being. I truly believe this will help me in my daily life.

Rugile L.

We had only one session with Nicole, yet I found it very comfortable and useful. It was the first time ever that I spoke with someone about imposter syndrome. Nicole nicely explained that it is possible to deal with it, and even become friends with it, in a way :) She also gave me tips and practical advices of how to start tackling the problem right away. So I feel equiped and motivated. Nicole creates a very safe space for this discussion to happen.

Rasa M.

Highly recommending to everyone who needs to get grounded and to those who are craving for more moments of mindfulness in everything they do.

Ieva M.

Nicole has a very light and calming energy. It was just what I needed! She helps people unite with themselves.

It impressed me that in such a short time (less than 1 hour) Nicole helped me gain clarity on something I struggled with since the beginning of the year. Nicole also helped me come up with action steps to address a few of the topics that came up - mainly around work/life balance. I will definitely come back for a second session!

I felt welcome, safe, and productive, and relaxed during the whole session.

Sabina S.