The 8-week Wellbeing Reset: The long exhale and refreshing inhale you've been waiting for/

Just imagine your life with more...

Deep love and compassion for yourself

Care and understanding of your needs

Feeling of alignment and purpose

Joy and celebration of all things in life

The 8-Week Wellbeing Reset feels like:

πŸ’— the long exhale that allows you to relax into love and care

πŸ’— the refreshing inhale that empowers you to tune into alignment, joy, and celebration for yourself and all things in life.

The 8-Week Wellbeing Reset will help you

🌱 Rewrite and reclaim your personal story

🌱 Tune into the current state of your wellbeing

🌱 Create and integrate supportive wellbeing habits

🌱 Explore your values and connect to your purpose

🌱 Give yourself permission to celebrate and find joy in your life

"The best investment I made in myself this year!"

Ieva M, 2022 8-Week Wellbeing Reset Program alumni

The Power of We, The Focus on You - that's the motto of this program. Here is how it works:

There is power and wisdom in community and value in the uniqueness of each human. Hence, the 8-Week Wellbeing Reset offers the best of both:

πŸ‘‰ Weekly online 60-min group coaching session

πŸ‘‰ Weekly digital wellbeing journal pages for self-paced work

πŸ‘‰ On-going community group for support

In addition to this:

πŸ‘‰ 1 or 4 50-min individual coaching sessions to focus on your unique needs

πŸ‘‰ Bi-weekly resource recommendations based on your preferences

"A safe and nurturing space to come to once a week and focus fully on my experiences."

Indre J., 2022 8-Week Wellbeing Reset Program alumni

The 8-Week Wellbeing Reset comes with these 3 a-mazing perks:

Are you ready to dive into your wellbeing reset? Choose between a standard and a premium package.

It's time to let a long breath out and take a new one in. Your wellbeing reset starts in 3... 2... 1..